About Us

Realm Construction Company is a premier quality provider of customaboutuser-oriented construction and construction management services in the metro Louisville region with more than 60 years of history starting with Garst-Receveur Construction, Realm is honored and privileged to serve some of the regions most prestigious corporate citizens. Be it minor renovations, or complex multi-phased new construction, we stand ready, willing, and able in providing Customer Delight in all that we do.

We are blessed with highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople and project managers who take personal pride in assuring that the construction process proceeds in a smooth and easy to understand manner. Customer Delight is what we say we will do and that’s what we deliver.

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Realm's Management Team

We Guarantee


At Realm safety is no accident. From the way we plan each step of every task to the manner in which we operate our company vehicles and equipment, Realm plans, trains, and inspects to make the safety of it's customers, it's employees, and the general public it's top priority.


Realm employees take pride in their work and understand continuing training and education are, along with experience, keys to professional improvement. Each Realm team member from the CEO to the cleanup person treats customers and one another with courtesy and respect.


For Realm, integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. We are bound by long-held expectations that we operate in accordance with the highest principles of ethics and integrity, leading to trust.


Realm pursues quality of effort, materials, workmanship, and attitude in everything we do.  Holding ourselves, our work, our material vendors, and our specialty subcontractors accountable for ever-improving quality standards is the platform upon which Realm’s dedication to delivering customer delight is built.  For over sixty years realm has been improving, as has each member of the Realm team.


Realm brings over 60 years of forming vendor and specialty contractor relationships and forges those together with 2 generations of hands-on experience to bring its clients the highest possible finished product at the best possible cost.  Since 1953 the Realm name has been synonymous with value.


Delivering “best of the best” service as a general contractor means that Realm must be able to perform almost any construction-related chore when needed, where needed, and perform the tasks related to that chore in a professional manner, at a reasonable cost, and on time.  Realm’s ability to provide first class service is driven by the quality, depth, and spread of talent within its permanent work force, some of whom are second generation Realm team members.